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"Before I show you exactly how to Double Your Vertical Leap (and slice your 40-time clean in half)... let me briefly show you why adding 6 Inches of Vertical Jump In Only 60 Days is just not enough!

Read This... Only If You Absolutely Need To Know The

Cold, Hard Facts On Increasing Vertical Jump And Sprint Speed (The

Way Pro's And Olympians Do)... Virtually Overnight..  And How To

Gain So Fast, You'll Be Falsely Accused of Using Steroids!"


Hi, this is Luke Lowrey, creator of The Vertical Project...

You might have seen me on ESPN... read about me in Slam Magazine... or, heard me interviewed by NBA Hall-Of-Famer, Rick Barry on Sirius Official NBA Radio. Maybe you heard of my rep from a fellow athlete, a friend, or your coach.  But... one thing is sure: you certainly have never heard about me from the pro's and Olympians I work with.


And there's a very good reason for this:

They hide me away with legal documents - as their dirty little secret - because I make them boatloads of cash and ensure their international fame with my unique athletic system.

You see, I'm regarded by all these pro athletes... top American, Asian and European coaches... NBA, NFL, NCAA, ATP Tennis tour, UEFA football, Olympic teams... and over 4,000 regular athletes just like you... as the World's Undisputed #1 Vertical Leap Expert... and have been, ever since an elite training facility in Houston, Texas labeled me this over 3 years ago.

So if you want to jump damn high... really fast... listen up:

I take athletes from exactly where they are, and as much as double their vertical jump and cut their sprint times dramatically... using very unique, tightly-tested and hardcore mathematical and scientific principles, that were not previously known until about 4 years ago, and have been kept under lock and key ever since...


Added Tuesday Oct 16, 2007 @ 3.18pm

Now, here's where it gets interesting...

Just a few days ago, we had over 150 of my students submit their progress reports to my office, describing the vertical training and where their gains are at... and guess what we found?

Their average vertical gain in just 60 days (or less) of working with my unique system was NOT 6 inches.

It was... 8 INCHES of Pure Vertical Jump!

I copied and pasted some of the email reports we received, just days ago:


From: Joseph Howard
Date joined: Dec 14, 2006

"Im over 6 feet so you know I could at least

dunk the ball . But after purchasing this

system & dedicating my time for the love of basketball, i not only gained 7 and counting

inches of vertical in 5 weeks, but I'm a better, stronger, more versatile athlete. I have dreams

of hoopin and this program is helping me cross

the steppin stones to get there.... (To be
continued .....)"






From: Darwin Peralta
Date joined: Nov 11, 2006

"Results are unbelievable. I've been using the
vertical project leap system for three
months now and have gained a total of one foot
! my diet has been primarily fruit and
have followed the window plan to the letter.
These results have come inspite of me hitting
a pleateu just before i began using the
vertical project! 4 inches every
thank you luke lowrey! you are a




From: Julian Perrodin
Date joined: Oct 03, 2006

"I would just like to say that your product is
awesome. It is a very specific system that
works. I gained 7 inches in a span of 8 weeks
using Double Your Vertical Leap. I now have a
33 inch vertical and I'm going to keep going
until I reach my goal of at least 44. This
system truly works."

Thanks a lot,
Julian Perrodin




From: Ramsey Black
Date joined: Dec 26, 2006

"I looked at this site one day and finally
decided I would give it a try. Before this
program I had tried platform shoes, uphill
sprints, heavy squats, up to 200 jumps a day.

None of it ever worked like I hoped. I got
decent gains from all of these things. But
the time it took to complete the exercises
and also the time it took to get results was
just too long. I wasnít sure whether to
believe Luke or not. But I gave it a try.

I started the stretching and dietary changes
January 1st during my basketball season. I
was 5'10, 165 lbs. and had only a 24 inch
standing vertical despite previous attempts
to increase it.

After January without even touching a workout
I had already increased my vertical by 3
. After I started working out I was
even more amazed. I was never sore after a
workout and after only one week of working
out I had already increased my vertical
another 3 inches! I donít know if this is
rare or not but it was certainly much more
than was ever possible with other programs.

In just over a month my vertical raised 6
inches from 24 to 30 inches
. In ONE month. Oh
yeah and my 40 yd. dash dropped from 4.95 to
a 4.8
and I lost about 15 lbs and my max
bench went up 50lbs to (200 to 250) and my
max squat went up roughly 60lbs, to 450

I donít know if there are words good enough
to describe The Vertical Project program. This program is
just amazing; I am sorry for doubting you
Luke. To anyone doubting this program donít

Just think about what you can accomplish in
a couple of years when it only took me one
month to increase my vertical 6 inches

I thank you so much Luke!

Mississippi, USA




From: Rich G.
Date joined: Nov 23, 2006

"Dear Luke,

With your program I have gained 11 inches of
pure vertical leap in only 9 weeks
. I have
went from an average 23 inch vert to an
outstanding 34 inches, and I'm still not
done with your program!
Its amazing. I've
went from just getting above the rim to
windmill dunks and reverse jams. All my
friends are astounded! I'm doing so much
better in all the sports that I play because
I have also become quicker."

Thank You so much!

Rich G.
Morristown, NJ


What's the point of me showing you this?

It's to let you know that casually adding 6 inches of vertical leap in 60 days of using my unique system is not only very easy... it's actually so easy, you will probably add much more!

What's more... I am so confident that my all-new, over-proven "Double Your Vertical Leap" System will explode your jump and athletic potential and future right out of this stratosphere...

... that I've decided to issue YOU this irresistible, just-can't-lose challenge (for a very short time), because:



... If You Don't Pack-On A Very Minimum

6 Inches Of Vertical Leap In Just 60 Short Days

(So You Immediately Know You're 'On-Track'

To DOUBLING Your Leap)... Then, I'll Allow

You To Carry On Using My #1 System

Until You DOUBLE It... Free-Of-Charge!


... I'll Even Send You $100 Cash Out

Of My Own Pocket For Wasting Your Time!"









Luke Lowrey

Creator, The Vertical Project


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